About Us

Looking at the world today can be an unsettling experience. Many scenarios are being played out daily beyond our control, but still affecting us greatly. The story of Thai Beach Retreat comes out of such events.

The impact of these events, felt around the world, played heavily on the retreat centers creators and enabled them to focus on their dream of creating a refuge of peace. Thai Beach Retreat is a safe haven; a sanctuary to regenerate mind, body and soul, in nature, with the support of a Thai Buddhist family who, by nature, seem to exist apart from the craziness of the outside world.

With the help of a retired boat captain from Hawaii, they started with 6 acres of beachfront jungle and, slowly at first and then accelerating as world events unfolded, worked hard, focusing on an idea to share this oasis with people like themselves looking for a break from dirty air and water, artificial food, overbooked schedules and facing the loss of who they really are.

Living in nature corrects this. Organic food from orchards and gardens, fresh sea breeze, mindful interludes all contribute to an awakening often hard to achieve in one’s own backyard.

Groups are provided an opportunity to rediscover themselves by just allowing them to stop the world for a moment, be quiet, redirect, and regain gratitude for the wonder of their existence……. and just be.

No expectations, no deadlines, no guilt, no judgment.

Wake up…………. it’s never too late !!!

Dao & Randy

  • Thai Buddha